Advanced Management Technologies -  LEAN Consulting, Training & Services since 1988 LEAN Consulting, Training & Services since 1988 AMT - ROI For All Phases In Your Business Cycle

When Results Matter...

Advanced Management Technologies provides consulting, training, and specialized technical services that help operations managers to:

  1. Improve customer relations via quicker order response, enhanced reliability of delivery promises, and improved product quality.
  2. Please shareholders via increased profits.
  3. Enhance employee morale, via elimination of production problems.
  4. Solidify supplier relations via improved requirements ordering.
LEAN Consulting, Training, and Technical Services - experience, repeat customers and testimonials

In addition to the multiple intangible rewards, typical projects yield in excess of 200% Return On Investment within the first year, or less, often with savings that repeat for several years thereafter.

A M Tís vision of  World Class Manufacturing includes the application of time proven, as well as modern tools, to the shop floor, maintenance, engineering, production scheduling / control, human resources, and business planning, to foster a continuous improvement environment in a team atmosphere.

Working smarter is frequently more beneficial than working harder and A M T experts have the experience to recognize which applies where.  Decades of experience have proven that generic solutions require customized application to address industry specifics and the particular mix of issues at each location.  A M T prefers to support clients with a complete service including assistance with managing implementation, to ensure maximum success.

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